Can I Get a DUI Expunged From My Record

A DUI can be a difficult thing to have on your record in California. However, you don’t have to bear with it forever if you understand what you can do to expunge it. there are many points that have to be followed as you are looking to get your DUI off of your record so you will not be at risk of losing job opportunities or other services that you might be able to use over time.

Become Eligible

You have to be eligible to expunge a DUI in California first. To do this, you have to complete the probation period. This can go for three to five years on average. You may also wait for a year on a low-level misdemeanor if there was no probation involved. You must also pay the fines and restitution associated with your DUI.

You must not have any other charges on your record as you apply to expunge your DUI. This is important to ensure that you will get the issue off of your record as needed.

Consult a Proper Attorney

After you meet the eligibility requirements, you will have to contact an experienced attorney like Hart Levin for help. An attorney can represent you in a district court. This particular court is where more expungement cases may be heard.

You must talk with your attorney about the case you have based on what you have done since the DUI. It is especially a necessity to talk with your attorney about how the problem has been paid off over time. it helps to be as specific as possible to keep the DUI in check.

Discussing the Case

As the attorney contacts the judge, the attorney will help you out with getting the most out of your particular case. This includes a careful look at how well the case is being managed based on how the case was organized and whether or not you have been properly abiding by the law since your DUI. The OC DUI Expert states that you must also show that you have covered your debts and that you have responsible paid off any damages or other things that might have come about as a result of a DUI.

You must make sure you get your DUI expunged if you ever have one. This is to ensure that you will avoid the serious problems that may come about as a result of having such a harmful point on your record. It is essential to see that you can control the problem as necessary before it can be any worse.…