Attaining financial stability is not an easy thing to do especially in a pandemic and with many issues affecting most people’s daily life. Being thrown in a financial crisis is easy and can happen in the snap of a finger. Some people get into tricky financial situations because they lost their jobs, lost a loved one or they simply made a poor business decision. Regardless of the reason why you lost your financial stability, there are ways to cope and get back on track. Here are some ways of ensuring you get back up on your feet.

If you reside in California, you probably have heard about EKS California. On the website, you have useful resources on how to turn your life around and make better financial decisions. Whether you need to find internet service or need to get on a medical program for students or the homeless, the website has more than enough information to help you get started on your path to financial freedom.

How does it work?

EKS California brings together resources to help persons who are eligible for benefits to get access to them. All you have to do is check whether you qualify for these benefits and you are good to go. Some of the programs include the low cost internet service, the CalSavers Program, free tax filing services as well as other discounts on basic services.

What most people in California do not know is that they qualify for the benefits, including School Meals, Food Stamps, and more because of ignorance. If you are looking for ways to finance your education for instance, you can sign up for the Head Start program which is geared towards helping several levels of school goers to fund their studies. If you have children you could also get support if your children need it.

Eligibility is considered based on various factors, including whether one has a disability, whether they are unemployed, or whether they have lost parental support due to death among other reasons. Those who take care of foster children may also receive financial aid from the various programs. To check whether you are eligible for benefits, consider visiting and complete the quiz to receive information not the kind of assistance and how much financial aid you could receive per month. The site also has links to the various resources which you could sign up for if you are eligible.…


If you’re losing sleep at night due to payroll tax, income tax, sales and use tax, or other tax-related problems, you need proper legal representation to help you solve them so that you can move forward. Most taxpayers who seek tax debt relief owe back taxes and this resolution can be achieved in several ways. To learn more about the different methods of tax relief, you can visit the website For instance, you can learn about the different types of Offer in Compromise (OIC), which involves settling tax debt for less than what the taxpayer owes to the IRS. An OIC is a popular way of getting tax debt relief but it’s not the best option for every taxpayer.

This is why it’ in your best interest to retain a top-rated and savvy tax attorney who is also a Certified Public Accountant ( CPA) in your area. Because tax problems can be both financially and personally crippling, settling your IRS debt should not be taken lightly. If you live in California, it’s vitally important to choose the legal services offered by a reputable and experienced tax attorney over the services of tax resolution companies because, as you can read on dallolawgroup .com these companies do not have a thorough understanding of tax laws in California and typically provide just empty promises, which explains their bad reputation.

Facing the IRS or state taxing agencies without legal representation is very risky, especially when your assets and even your future are on the line. At the same time, you should take advantage of the expertise of tax attorneys at a reputable tax law firm in California, with a proven track record of satisfied clients. For example, you can learn about the victories obtained by Dallo Law Group by visiting dallolawgroup .com Even if you can’t afford to pay your back taxes or you have years of unfiled tax returns, a top tax attorney and CPA will devise a winning tax debt relief strategy so that you can benefit from the most favorable outcome for you.

If you need an experienced, certified tax attorney in California to provide you with aggressive representation before the IRS, feel free to visit the website of the award-winning and established tax law firm Dallo Law Group at dallolawgroup .com or you can call (949)812-6930 or, if you prefer, fill out the confidential online form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of the best tax attorneys in California who will expertly evaluate your tax debt case and give you sound legal advice free of charge.…